Family Type Homes For Adults in Apalachin NY 

If you are looking for an assisted living alternative, we offer family type homes for adults who need daily aid. Call 607-625-3658.

Are you seeking an assisted living alternative? The Homesteads are family-type homes for adults in Apalachin, NY. We provide assisted living alternative homes for adults who need aid in their daily activities and who should not be left alone. We provide the needed supervision and gentle kindness that a person would hope to find for their loved ones. If you're looking for good elderly care, you've found the right place for you.Caregiver Hugging Senior

We are not a nursing facility, nor are we assisted living facilities, but instead we specialize in small homes in which our residents live with up to six other adults in a fun and friendly environment. We have family meals, picnics, cookouts, parties, holiday celebrations, family vacations, and outings! We consider all residents a part of our extended family. We put the "family" in family-style homes.

We accept many different individuals who are at different levels of care including those with Dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Our highly trained staff has first aid certification and CPR training. We are licensed by New York State and inspected by divisions of Social Service.

Our mission here at The Homesteads is to provide quality adult care in a warm, loving, safe, clean and attractive home filled with an extended family that cares for and about each other. We are family type homes for adults.

At all the Homestead's homes, you will find a staff of loving caregivers who are proud of the quality and love that goes into running our homes. We offer the same friendly staff, wonderful activities and excellent adult care at all of our homes. Our caregiver ratio will always remain at least 1 caregiver for 6 clients.

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What sets The Homesteads apart from other placement choices?

Financial Considerations
We are a very viable financial choice. The costs of skilled nursing facilities average $8,000 - $12,000 per month and many assisted living facilities average $5,900.00 or more per month. The Homesteads are less expensive. Please see our price comparison chart on our services page.Smiling Senior Making Cupcakes

Caregiver to Resident Ratio
Our caregiver ratio can never be more than 1 caregiver for four residents and 2 boarders. Often it is 1 caregiver to three residents! Unheard of in any facility. Most large assisted living homes and SNF have a ratio of 1 caregiver to 15 residents.

Personal Attention
Due to the low caregiver/ resident ratio, our caregivers actually care and give attention to their residents. Most of our caregivers work in one specific home, knowing and understanding their residents’ needs.

Individual Activities
The Homesteads offers our residents with personalized, individual activities. We understand that not everyone loves crafts or bingo. We can take our resident fishing, or to a baseball game. We can go on picnics and walk in the park. Because we know each residents’ likes and dislikes, we can offer stimulating activities personalized to our resident.

Warm Environment
The Homesteads are just that, homes, not facilities.

4 Houses To Choose From:

The Barton FTHA

The Barton House

The Grant FTHA

The Grant House

The Prentice FTHA

The Prentice House

The Paquette FTHA

The Paquette House

Call The Homesteads in Apalachin NY today at 607-625-3658!