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Our caregiving services include respite adult care, long-term elderly care, Dementia, & Alzheimer's care. Call 607-625-3658.

Sitting Outside on PatioThere are basic services that all FTHA's (Family-Type Homes for Adults) should provide. Room, Board, 24-hour assistance with emergency call systems, laundry services, housekeeping, special diets, medication supervision, furnished rooms, assistance with personal adult care and transportation services (on request for a fee).

While I am unable to discuss exactly what other care giving alternatives provide, I can address the additional special activities we provide at each of The Homesteads, located in Apalachin, NY. We want all of our residents to feel as if they are a part of a large and caring family.

With this in mind, we do family vacations together (if able), go on picnics, to the movies, suggest yoga lessons, dine out, and attend concerts and holiday functions. (There are additional charges for these additional activities.) We have a yearly picnic with all residents and their families invited; lots of fun and food!Senior Citizens at Thanksgiving

We enjoy Yvette Bulger's musical contributions on the piano and Yvonne Hartman's concerts. There is an extensive library of CDs and videos. Movies, games, crafts are all part of our daily/monthly activities. Sit or stroll by the beautiful gardens, dine on the decks, enjoy sunny days outside. We have sweet pets loved by everyone and even enjoy feeding the koi in the pond at the Barton Home. We do crafts and prepare meals. Bake cookies and cakes! Homemade is the best.

The Homesteads work closely with our families and our client's physician. We stress communication and loving care. All health issues are important and quickly addressed.

Our Services Include:

Elderly at Crafts Table
Elderly at Crafts Table

  • Live in; 24-hour assistance available
  • Respite adult care/ Convalescent adult care
  • Day Care
  • Live in staff: caring and compassionate, operator and manager educated with classes at Duke University.
  • Medications: Monitored, Ordered and delivered from the Medicine Shoppe.
  • Emergency Call System
  • Assistance with personal care needs
  • Meals: Three delicious, homemade, well-balanced meals per day; prepared to meet the dietary needs of our residents plus a wonderful selection of our own desserts.
  • Snacks: two nutritious snacks per day
  • Security alarms: Outside doors equipped. Especially necessary for dementia and Alzheimer's patients.
  • Furnished Bedrooms: lovely and bright
  • Transportation Service on request
  • Activities: crafts, baking and planned outings which include: movies, vacations, yoga lessons, dining out and various holiday-related community events.
  • Laundry and housekeeping services

Assisted Living Home Outside Area

Our Rates

Our rates vary depending on the home's location and if you would like a private or semi-private room. The charges also vary if the room is upstairs or downstairs, has a private or shared bathroom. Some homes have downstairs rooms only!

Woman with Dog On LapOur rates also increase with the level of care the individual needs. An individual who is capable of dressing themselves, walking without aid, one who is fairly independent, would not be expected to pay the same rate as an individual who requires more personal care.

Our rates average about $4295.00 to $5295.00 per month for long-term adult care and include all stated services. (Some services require an additional charge such as medications, attends, transportation.) A resident of one of our homes is never left alone in the home.

Assisted living average: $5900
The Homesteads:
Average $4,800 per month with Semi-private rooms about $4,295 and private about $5,295
Respite Care: $245.00 per 24-hour period
Day Care: $85.00 for 7-daytime hours including breakfast and dinner (served at 1:00 pm)

Rate Comparison Chart

Assisted Living Rate Chart

While Family Type Homes for Adults do not have a doctor or nurse on staff, The Homesteads do work with a local doctor and the Public Health Nurses. Our physician will do house calls if absolutely needed and call in a nurse to do special care. In facilities, a nurse cannot do any care without a doctor's order, so a physician must be called before care can commence. The Homesteads operate with the same restrictions but have a wonderful, caring physician who gives exceptional care to our clients.

Call The Homesteads in Apalachin NY today at 607-625-3658!