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Embracing An Alternative
To Larger Facilities

Person-Centered Care

Through every stage of life, you or your loved ones deserve to live in a safe, comfortable, and secure environment. At The Homesteads in Apalachin, NY, we provide residents with more than assisted living services — we offer them a home and an extended family.

We are not a single assisted living or skilled nursing facility, but rather small, family-style homes in which residents live with up to six other adults. Everything about The Homesteads is centered on building community and promoting a family dynamic. We believe this enriches our residents’ lives and gives families peace of mind that their loved ones are truly cared for and appreciated.

Retirement Community - The Homesteads - Apalachin, NY

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Offering The Care & Kindness Your Loved One Deserves

As a resident or client of The Homesteads, your loved one will receive personalized care and attention. We love them for who they are and offer care that matches their abilities and needs. To promote this commitment to person-centered care, we maintain a small caregiver to client ratio — 1 to 4. This is unheard of in any other facility!

Welcoming You Home

We have 25+ years of experience in elder care services and are proud to offer a number of amenities and services. This includes:

  • Lovely & Bright Furnished Bedrooms
  • Live in 24-hour assistance available
  • Medications Monitoring (ordered and delivered from the Owego Pharmacy)
  • Emergency Call System
  • Assistance with personal care needs
  • Meals: Three delicious, homemade, well-balanced meals per day; prepared to meet the dietary needs of our residents plus a wonderful selection of our own desserts.
  • Snacks: two nutritious snacks per day
  • Security alarms: Outside doors equipped. Especially necessary for Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Transportation Service on request
  • Laundry and housekeeping services
  • Decks and secure yards
Elder Care - The Homesteads - Apalachin, NY

Health & Wellbeing is Our Top Priority

Our highly trained staff has first aid certification and CPR training. We are licensed by New York State and inspected by divisions of Social Service. We work closely with our families and each client’s physician to ensure all health issues are quickly addressed. Communication and loving care are of the utmost importance to us.

Our live-in staff is caring and compassionate; our operator and manager have received education from classes at Duke University.

“These folks don’t just care for the residents, they care about them.”

Read More About Our Level of Care.

My brothers and I grew up in a very loving and close-knit family, but as our parents aged, it became obvious to us that they needed a level of care that they were unable to provide for themselves. For a while, we tried to provide that around the clock care by ourselves, and while we gave them our very best, we soon discovered that the time, expertise, and effort required was more than we could give. We began to search for an alternative. Nursing homes were always available, but our experience with the quality of personal care in those facilities was less than adequate.

Besides, our parents didn’t need skilled nursing care — they just needed some help coping with their everyday lives. We very quickly came to the conclusion that The Homesteads, an FTHA, was the perfect solution. Through our exposure to the Emergency Squad of the Apalachin Fire Department, we knew that Connie Barton provided good care for the folks at her facility, although, initially, we didn’t know just how good it really was. We made the difficult decision that this was our only acceptable option, and after talking to Mom and Dad about it, we helped them to move into the “Barton House”.

It soon became evident to us all as to just how good a decision this truly was. The meals that our parents received were excellent — they were far better than what they had been receiving; they had around the clock support; they lived in a pleasant, homey atmosphere; they had other people around them all of the time; there were even activities and outings that gave them a sense of worth. And the cost for this incredible level of care was far less than that for institutionalization.

My brothers and their families live a considerable distance away (Maryland and North Carolina), and they have both expressed their appreciation and confidence in the care that this Home has provided our parents. My sister-in-law has commented on several occasions that Mom & Dad aren’t just “warehoused” until they die- they were given a sense of worth and purpose. Mom was always one to be busy around the house, and there were a number of occasions that the staff would allow her to help with little tasks, such as setting the dinner table, or helping with the baking of cookies, or with folding her laundry (even though they might have to refold some of it!)

The Homesteads not only care for the physical welfare of their charges, they also contribute mightily toward the emotional and intellectual health of all the residents. In addition to the loving care that was offered to them by the caregivers, there were children around the home every day. One of the caregivers brought her small children to “work” with her, and my Dad, even though he would never admit it, became very attached to the baby, and vice versa. They became best friends, and the children became surrogates for the grandchildren that Mom & Dad didn’t get to see very often, due to the distance that separated them.

The Family Type Home is absolutely that – a home, and that degree of comfort just cannot be equaled in skilled nursing institutions which are not “homes” by any stretch of the imagination! My Dad only lived at the Homestead for about 6-7 months before he passed away, but my Mom lived there for an additional 6 years or so. My brothers and I were so impressed with the care that was given to our parents that we decided to sell their home to The Homesteads, even though it was for a price that was considerably less than we could have gotten on the open market.

Why would we do that? Because we wanted to continue to be a part of this marvelous program, and to see it thrive in our community. When people ask me about The Homesteads and the quality of their service, I always tell them “These folks don’t just care for the residents, they care about them.” And if New York State cared half as much for the elderly of our region as the staff at The Homesteads do, they would begin to provide the degree of assistance to these facilities that will ensure their existence and service for many years to come. And I encourage you to do just that.

– Rev. William C. Prentice

Activities Personalized to Each Resident

Not everyone loves bingo or crafts, so we go above and beyond to get to know each resident’s interests. From fishing and baseball games to picnics and walks in the park, we offer each resident stimulating activities and adventures! Personalized activities are often provided with a 1 to 1 ratio.

Other activities include:

  • Crafts
  • Baking / Cooking
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Vacations
  • Yoga lessons
  • Dining Out
  • Community Holiday Events

There are additional charges for some of these activities.

Elder Activities - The Homesteads - Apalachin, NY
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