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Embracing An Alternative
To Larger Facilities

The Homesteads is a private pay home.
Even though The Homesteads is licensed and inspected by New York State, it is not government funded in any way.   

Our Rates

The Homesteads are more than an assisted living or memory care facility — we are a home for our residents. Offering residents a safe, secure, comfortable, and home-like environment is so important to us. We believe it enhances the wellbeing of those in our care and gives families the peace of mind they deserve.

Focused On Offering Personalized, Affordable Care

As a family-owned company, we believe in offering residents and their families a viable financial choice. The costs of skilled nursing facilities average $8,000 – $12,000 per month, and many assisted living facilities average $5,900.00 or more per month. The Homesteads are less expensive and often exceed the standard quality of care, as we have lower staff to client ratios (one caregiver to every four clients).

Base Rate: Our base rate is our introductory rate. Clients who qualify for only the base rate are those who need minimal assistance with their activities of daily living.

Semi-Private Rooms: $3,295

Private Rooms: $3,795

Private Room w/ 1/2 Bathroom: $4,295

Respite Care: $295.00
per 24-hour period

How are your rates determined?

Rates vary on the home’s location and type of room. The charges also change if the room has a private or shared bathroom. Our homes have downstairs rooms only.

Do rates change with the level of care needed?

Our rates also increase with the level of care the individual needs. A fairly independent individual (walking without aid, capable of dressing themselves, etc.) would not be expected to pay the same rate as an individual who requires more personal care.

Supplemental Care Services:

All of our supplemental care costs are added to the base rate each month.

Stage 1a:
Needs limited assistance with ADLs – $1,500 per month

Added if memory care is needed i.e. special supervision to prevent unsafe wandering, redirecting, cueing, extra help with ADLs, toileting, bathing, help with dressing, supervision, all dementia-related care. 

Most of our clients come into a Homesteads home needing this stage of supplemental care. These clients need some direction and supervision to make sure their activities of daily living are completed. Ex: A caregiver encourages our clients to dress themselves, have good bathroom hygiene, and stay active within the home.

Stage 1b: Needs some physical assistance with ADLs – $1,700 per month

Have special needs or age-related physical limitations: monitoring walking, in or out of bed, toileting, bathing, aid dressing, aid with a wheelchair, assistance with ADLs, incontinence, some supervision.

As our clients remain in the home, their abilities decrease and the above needs usually increase.

Stage 2: Needs total assistance with all ADLs – $1,900 per month

Needs assistance with the above, does little independently and typically needs extra help with all ADLs, including being incontinent.

This stage of supplemental care is added when a client needs full assistance with their activities of daily living. The caregivers are getting them dressed and undressed with no or very little assistance from the client. Our caregivers are having to do all their personal care and keep them on a movement routine.

Stage 3: To be discussed at the time

The Homesteads are a group of long-term care homes and consider our homes your loved one’s home! We always strive to keep our residents with us. Unfortunately, an SNF may be needed or Hospice care, depending on many factors. Decided EOL fee will be added to the base rate.